Ortiain are our product and supply chain traceability specialists

We work with food traceability experts Oritain to scientifically verify the origin of our products



Oritain operate globally and specialise in the traceability of products. Using forensic science and data analysis, they can test a product at any stage in the supply chain, and trace it back to its origin.

Our partnership, first formed in 2016, sees Oritain working with Foodbuy’s core suppliers of red meat, fish and seafood to scientifically verify the true origin of products. Under the partnership, Oritain audit Foodbuy suppliers by carrying out independent and trusted scientific product analysis.

Ian Murphy, Managing Director for Foodbuy said: “We take supply chain integrity very seriously and are excited to be enhancing our already robust processes by working more closely with Oritain. We’re committed to working with our suppliers to build sustainable partnerships and already have a number of processes in place to ensure transparency, but by partnering with Oritain, we can provide that extra level of innovation and reassurance to clients that they are receiving the very best quality products.” 

Rupert Hodges, Executive Director of Oritain UK, said: “Foodbuy is a very innovative business and we’re delighted to partner with them. This is a real testament to the value that Oritain can offer to Foodbuy’s clients through providing a reliable traceability service which helps enhance the integrity of its supply chain.”

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